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Moustache tourism


The Turkish city of Istanbul attracts million of tourists every year, but not all of them come to see its monuments, cultural heritage and history. The Turkish megalopolis has recently become popular as a place where men can get moustache transplantation. That sign of manliness and undisputed authority is becoming increasingly popular in Turkey and Asia. Men, to whom nature hasn’t been inclined when it comes to facial hair, come to Istanbul to find a solution to their problems with the help of specialised cosmetic surgeons.

Men wish to look more serious, more manly and that is why they need cosmetic surgery to transplant moustache – say surgeons. Turkish soap operas, which are shown in Arabic countries as well, have largely contributed to the demand of aesthetic surgery. Patients want to have a moustache and a beard as our actors – say some of the doctors after having interviewed many of their patients, and the most common answer they get is – “A man without a moustache is like a house without a balcony.”

There are about 250 clinics and private practices that offer moustache and beard transplantation services. Many of them cooperate with travel agencies that offer arrangements at a reasonable price. Accomodation and sightseeing are included in the price along with the operation.  Prices of such arrangements start from 2,000€.