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Matka Canyon

Matka Canyon

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Matka Canyon 41.940474, 21.305555 Matka Canyon

Little Mount Athos, the land of butterflies, the most beautiful canyon in Macedonia guarding one of the deepest underwater caves in Europe. This is Matka Canyon in one sentence with so much left unsaid. The Canyon is 17 kilometers from Skopje and you can reach it by car or by bus. It is a picnic area and during the weekends it can be quite crowded, but on weekdays you will find complete peace and quiet. There are several restaurants and a kayak trail at Lower Matka where you go down a narrow walkway and in about 15 min. you reach the oldest artificial lake in Macedonia.


And then, the choice is yours. You can go diving, take a boat trip round the lake, go hiking, visit old churches and monasteries or simply enjoy traditional Macedonian food at the local restaurant.

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The main attraction is Vrelo Cave. It is 212 meters deep which makes it the second deepest underwater cave in Europe. Vrelo has part of the cave above water level and it is a real art gallery of cave “artefacts” such as stalactites and columns. Also, there are two lakes with the so called “Russian beach”.