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Marko’s Monastery

Marko’s Monastery

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Marko’s Monastery 41.893570, 21.402329 Marko’s Monastery

If you want to escape the urban jungle and relax the senses without having to travel hundreds of miles, you can go on a few hours’ visit to Marko’s Monastery. The monastery is only 20 kilometers from Skopje and there is a road to it so you can go by car. The monastery complex and its surroundings seem like a place from a fairy tale. The sound of Marco’sriverthat runs next to the monastery, the impressive gate made of solid wood, the well-kempt gardenand the seven centuries old monastery make you feel a wondrous harmony.There is a well with cold water in the garden, a small museum, a gallery of icons, very impressive bells and an old underground millwhich always attracts the attention of visitors.


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The monastic quarters are a home to several nuns, but it is very unlikely that you will see any of them. Marko’s monastery was one of the most important cultural, educational and literary centers in the pastwhere many important manuscripts were kept. Unfortunately, most of them have not been preserved. If you are in Skopje on November 8th , a trip to Marko’s Monastery is something you must do because it is the feast day St. Demetrius, the protector of the monastery.