Guide to SKOPJE

Manu Chao’s fans from Greece are coming to Macedonia


To our luck and pleasure, the legendary Manu Chao is performing today in Skopje. Skopje’s ice rink will once again be the center of the World for the ones who respect his character and work. The former front man of Mano Negra will entertain the crowd with Me gustas tu, Clandestino, Mi vida, Welcome to Tijuana… Suffice to say, it is going to be one of those fun and epic concerts.

manu chao 3 cover photo
We got information about a large number of music tourists visiting Skopje to be the witnesses of, we hope, another unforgettable performance of this music legend

A group of fans from the Greek city of Volos, organized by the alternative rock radio station Los Almiros are coming to Skopje, and Balkon3 welcomes them. The radio station got its unusual name from the word Almiros which is translated into English as “salty”. The journey for the concert with Los Almiros is not expensive at all, compared to other journeys organized by agencies, and it seems it is a lot of fun because all of the travelers have the same thought in their heads: “Music unites people”.
manu chao bus
This is just to note that there is a reverse process in the aspect of music tourism. A frequent scene in our country are the buses full of music fans that travel to see their favorite bands perform live in one of our neighboring countries. The most visited destinations are the capital and major cities in our neighboring countries. Thessaloniki, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Sofija, Athens etc. are cities that indeed have a lot of musical happenings.

It is nice to see that not only the Macedonian fans travel far away to see their favorite bands, groups, singers, but that our neighbors too would come to enjoy a concert or another cultural manifestation in Macedonia.

Blagoja Stamatovski