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Malesevo Pie

The most delicious Macedonian dishes are prepared in the eastern part of Macedonia in the beautiful Malesevia region. Younger homemakers rediscover old recipes that have been written down or transmitted by word of mouth for generations, and put a lot of effort in their preparation so they can share them with their loved ones. Skilled and experienced homemakers of Berovo prepare the famous Malesevo pie, a unique specialty with unforgettable taste. Granny Zivka’s kneaded and rolled pie is her secret recipe which helps her gather the whole family at the table.


She kneads the dough early in the morning and the tempting aroma lures the family to the table by noon. This always puts them in a good mood and they enjoy the delicious specialty accompanied by white Berovo cheese or bulamac. Balkon 3 team decided to travel to Berovo and ask granny Zivka to reveal the secret of her Malesevo pie to our readers. She gladly responded to our request and invited a young friend, Zorka Kusinska, to assist her.



For the dough:

– 1 kg flour

– 1 yeast

– 1 tablespoon salt

– 1 tablespoon sugar

– water

– oil for coating dough layers

For the filling:

– leek

– cheese

– for the filling you can use spinach or leek fried with peppers and tomatoes


Mix one kilogram of flour with water and leaven with one packet of yeast, add a tablespoon of sugar and a tablespoon of salt. Knead the dough and let it rise for an hour. Then divide the dough into five small pieces and one larger piece. Use a rolling pin to roll the pieces until they are only 1 millimeter thin.

zelnik2 zelnik3

Put the rolled crusts on a sheet to dry until all pieces are rolled properly. Roll the bigger piece a bit thicker and cover a baking pan with it. Sprinkle the smaller crusts with crushed cheese and oil.


Then, pick them up, put them on the bigger crust and fold the edges of the bigger crust over them.

zelnik6 zelnik7

Put some fried leeks and cheese in the middle of the pan and sprinkle flour on top. Let it rise for an hour and then bake it at 250°C.

zelnik9 zelnik10

Once it is baked take it out from the oven and pour a mixture of 100 grams of water and oil over the pie. Then, put it back in the oven for another 10 minutes for a perfect finish.


To good health! Bon appetit!

Text: Julijana Dimitrievska

Photo: Dijana Dimitrievska