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Makedonska Kuka Restaurant

Makedonska Kuka Restaurant

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Makedonska Kuka Restaurant 41.996023, 21.402180 Makedonska Kuka Restaurant

Makedonska Kuka (Macedonian House) is one of the few restaurants in Skopje that truly deserves to be called “national”. On the outside the restaurant looks quite ordinary, but as soon as you go inside you get the feeling that you are entering a wonderful new world. The authentic interior is refined with many details from the rich cultural traditions of Macedonia and you feel as if you have travelled back in time to a warm and cozy place.

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While your sense of hearing absorbs the tunes of Macedonian folk music your taste buds will be exposed to a real hedonistic challenge. Baked beans, pindjur, turli tava, sirden, village meat are all specialties that we recommend you should try. For all meat lovers it offers various kinds of grilled meat. Whatever you choose Makedonska Kuka will make sure you leave with a full stomach and in good spirits.