Guide to SKOPJE

Lonely train station

People who go through a crisis and feel depressed try to forget the past by travelling to some faraway place and making drastic changes in their lives. Throughout history trains have most often been their transport of choice, thus turning reluctant train stations into sad places, places that revive memories of parting. Being happy at a railway station is literally a sin.


I often pass by Skopje Sever railway station, located in a city quart called Sever. It seems frozen in time. There are hardly any passengers waiting and the stray dogs are its only friends. It is a lonely place. Whenever I pass by I think about loneliness as man’s worst enemy. And I wonder whether things and objects ever feel lonely.

Balkon3 team spent a few days hanging out at this train station and now we are happy to share the moments we captured with our camera. Enjoy the photos!

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Text and photo: Husamettin Gina