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London celebrates sport and good fun

They say that London, the capital of the UK, is a city you can never get bored with, even when you are fed up with your life. This is especially true these days when London is the capital of world sports events. The 30th Olympic Games have started in a city which has hosted three Olympics so far – in 1908, 1948 and 2012.


Athletes, their coaches and millions of tourists have arrived in London in the past few days. For athletes it is a chance to win glory and for tourists a chance to have good fun plus a possible meeting with their idols. The city lives 24 hours a day. Besides daily sports events, there are exhibitions, performances and open air concerts. Those unlucky ones who do not have a ticket for some of the competitions won’t be bored. There is always something to do on the streets of London and lovely weather and sunshine add to the lively atmosphere.
The Olympic village which is located in Stratford, a formerly run-down part of East London, offers an inevitable photo opportunity. Of course, there is the photo session in front of London Bridge with a view on the Olympic rings as an official and free souvenir from the Games.
In the next three weeks all sports fans are expecting world record breaking and winning Olympic glory. Those who see sport as an excuse to come to London in search for fun will surely find what they are looking for – spectacular concerts in Hyde Park, exciting cruises down the Thames and the frantic nightlife in Soho.

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