Guide to SKOPJE

Less Soap Operas, More Films


The film festival Cinedays has begun. The European film festival has set a tougher and more responsible mission than ever – to oppose the inflow of soap operas that have possessed the TV screens.

With 40 premiers, 10 films by young European authors, including accomplishments by Balkan’s and Macedonian authors, in the forthcoming 11 days, Cinedays will try to rinse the soapsuds from our eyes and brains. The task is not easy, but it has on its side directors such as Woody Allen, Bernardo Bertolucci, Lasse Halstrom, Tom Tykwer, Michel Haneke, David Cronenberg …..

– After four decades of merciless war against a full-scale kitsch, low values, hypocrisy, eroded moral normatives and other countercultural, non-hygienic and unforeseen damaging social appearances and activities, without any hesitation or doubt, we decided to rinse the soapsuds out of ourselves and to bring the best films, says Zlatko Stevkovski, the manager of the Youth Cultural Centre – Skopje, and the festival’s organiser.

Starting from 15th until the 25th of November, a total of 107 films from 19 countries will be shown at the Millenium and Frosina cinemas, including the cinema at Cinematheque of Macedonia. The audience will have the opportunity to see the winners from renowned film festivals at Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Sundance, London, Rotherham, San Sebastian, Sarajevo, Sydney. The festival will start with “Shanghai Gypsy” by Slovenian director Marko Nabershnik, with Macedonian actors Visar Vishka and Senko Velinov playing in it. Among the most popular titles are the following films: “The Artist” by Michael Hazanvicius, “To Rome with Love” by Woody Allen, “Magic Mike” by Steven Soderbergh, the controversial Serbian film “The Clip” by Maja Milosh, etc. The price for a single ticket is 100 denars. The Cinedays program also encompasses a review of Italian films, music documentaries, short movies, concerts, workshops, lectures…Therefore, change the channel, buy some popcorn and go straight to see the movies at Cinedays.