Guide to SKOPJE



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Laika 42.001429, 21.421672 Laika

It is a nice and relaxed place at a nice and relaxed location with a nice and relaxed staff. Laika is not trying to be a modern and trendy café, they do not make changes to the interior each year, they do not play the chart hits and there are no expensive cars parked in front of it. All of these things make it an unusual Skopje café. Actually, Laika has changed nothing for years and yet it is one of those places that make you feel great as you order one more round of drinks.

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The music repertoire is another story. You are sure to hear a song that you have not heard in years, and you know you’ve missed it so much. This rather small café is a favorite meeting place for film directors, actors, musicians and journalists. Don’t be surprised if the owner joins you at the table and you tell one of his stories about the history of Laika. And he has a lot of stories to tell…