Guide to SKOPJE



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Kozjak 41.811584, 21.166759 Kozjak

Skopje has a lake too.Yes, it is an artificial one and some 45 kilometerssouth-west from the city, but it is surrounded by a lush landscape that we usually admire only in photos of places far away from here. Kozjak is the largest artificial lake in Macedonia with a depth of up to 130 meters in some places. It is rich witha variety of fish, including several species of trout, carp, chub, barbell… Fishermen are the most frequent visitors to Kozjak despite the fact that only recreational fishing and angling are permitted.


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It takes half an hour to reach Kozjak by car. Recently, this road has become one of the most attractive destinations for cycling so if you go during the weekend you will most likely see more bikes than cars. We recommend that you stop for a quick visit toBreznica village where you can see typical old Macedonian housesmost of which are completely neglected but they make interesting photos. Natural reserve “Jasen” is also a must-see placebecause it used to be closed for ordinary people and only the political elite could enjoy in its natural beauty.

If you visit Kozjak in the summer months do not miss on the opportunity to refresh in its waters because it is the clearest artificial lake in Macedonia, according to fishermen.Initially, there was a plan to make beaches round the lake but you can sunbathe in the surrounding meadows.