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It’s pepper time!


From prehistoric times to the present, people have been on the quest for spices and condiments which add that special taste and smell to their food. A quest that contributed to the integration of man with mother nature which, in turn, contributed to the creation of new cultures. Such a culture is the ayvar, of course.

piper naslovna

It is the season of preparing food for the winter and ayvar season, in particular, is in full swing. Although it is not considered a vitamin-rich food, its taste makes ayvar an indispensable appetizer on our table. There are hundreds of articles about ayvar in the media but none about its main ingredient – the red bell pepper. With a photo gallery and brief summary of the origin of peppers, Balkon 3 will try to correct this decades-long injustice.
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Peppers originate from Central and South America. Archaeological findings show that the pepper was well known in Mexico exactly nine thousand years ago, also traces of peppers were found in prehistoric settlements in Peru. It is known that peppers were planted extensively in Central and South America before Columbus. Peppers arrived in Europe for the first time in 1493, first in Spain then in England in 1548. They were introduced in Central Europe in 1518.
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Photo: Hüsamettin Gina