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Istanbul Sunset

Sunset, according to many, is the most romantic part of the day. A moment when dreams and colours intertwine, when sun rays refract and the sky shows a shade of a multitude of colours that create unbelievably beautiful spectacle.

All that beauty of twilight becomes special when you are in Istanbul. A fascinating city in every respect. I have had the good fortune of enjoying the sunset in Yesil Koy (Green Village).

When you see this sunset you forget all about your everyday problems, there is no negative thought left, no anxiety. You depart on a wonderful trip. Not far away, just over the waves. It’s your imagination that takes flight.

A fleet of ships and planes that land every five minutes at Ataturk Airport is part of the sunset.

Enjoy the beauty of twilight in Balkon3 photographs!

Photo: Husamettin Gina

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