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Istanbul – a snowy fairytale

People say Istanbul is a fairytale city. Since the beginning of this week it transformed into a “snowy fairytale city”. Snow hasn’t stopped falling for 45 hours. The city is going through the coldest day in the last 33 years and there is no record of such low temperatures in the archives of the Meteorological Institute. However, the city makes perfect picture postcards.

Istanbul has turned into a huge car park. Most of the citizens decided to take seriously the warnings issued by the authorities and used public transport instead of their cars.

Those who decided to use their vehicles despite the warning had a lot of problems. TV cameras recorded a large number of car accidents and crashes, over 1000 accidents in only two days. The brakes simply did not function on the icy roads and there were lines of vehicles for kilometers.

Turkish President Abdullah Gul posted pictures on his Twitter profile where he is seen having a snowball fight.

The photographs are taken from the Turkish media