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Idadija 42.001463, 21.421091 Idadija

„Tripe soup in the early morning and you are ready for the day”as the lyrics of an old song say and these words best describe the spirit of Skopje. Starting the day with a bowl of soup is a favourite ritual among the old citizens of Skopje. This tradition is preserved to this day and almost all restaurants offer tripe or veal soup on their morning menu. Balkon 3 decided to take you to Idadija restaurant which is almost 90 years old and located in the old city quart of Debar Maalo.

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A visit to Idadija for soup and rakija, kebabs and beer or a chit-chat with friends over a coffee maybe, is a pleasure we can’t describe but you must experience it yourself. One more interesting custom before we leave. People from Debar Maalo gather in Idadija on the morning of January 1st to celebrate the beginning of the New Year with some food, drinks and a folk orchestra. At noon they go out and dance in the street. This tradition started before the WWII.