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The Balkon3 team this weekend has decided to prepare a special dish for you, which will particularly be favored by those of you who feel that “any dish without meat, is not really a dish worth talking about”. Bearing that in mind, we visited the restaurant “House Mechkuevska – Puzhe”, where they prepared the specialty of the house for us. We hope that you will enjoy the preparing and consuming of the “Hotpot Mechkuevska”. Bon apetite!

Ingredients for six servings:

– ½ kilo of pork meat

– ½ of kilo veal

– ½ kilo of chicken meat

(Optionally you can use only two or one type of meat)

– 300 grams of fresh mushrooms

– 300 grams of dried bacon

– 200 grams of cheese

– Sour cream

– Vegetables: 3 green peppers, 3 tomatoes, 2 carrots, 2 squash, 3 cloves garlic,

2 onions, parsley, bay leaf

– 1 tablespoon of mustard

– 200 grams of tomato puree

– Spices: Vegeta, black pepper, salt

– 250 ml. red wine

– 250 ml. water

– Cooking oil


We start with the preparation of the meat, which is chopped into large pieces. In the heated cooking oil we put the meat and we add some salt, black pepper and vegeta. The frying is done on a standard way with occasional stirring. We take two onions and chop it in small pieces. We do the same with the peppers, the carrots, the squash, the mushrooms and the garlic. Once we finish with the chopping, the vegetables are put in a frying bowl and after that we add some salt and we continue with the stirring. We leave the mixture to be fried. To the already fried mixture of the carrot, the onion and the peppers we add the finely chopped tomatoes and the tomato puree and fry it for about 30 minutes.

We put the meat in an earthware pot and we add mustard, bay leaf, parsley and the fried mixture. We stir it continuously. You add the sour cream and the smoked bacon. We pour the red wine and the water and we leave it to simmer. The pan is then inserted into the oven to be baked at  temperature of 250 degrees for about two hours. When the pan is ready, we put the grated cheese and let it melt. We complete the decoration of the pot by our own taste.

Good appetite!

Darko Chekerovski