Guide to SKOPJE

Heat wave hits Macedonia, take a short break in the shade

Citizens hide from direct sun exposure but there are some who cannot enjoy the shade during these hot days. Those lucky ones who are on holiday in nearby Greece, Turkey, Ohrid or in some farther places, hope that the heat wave won’t last long.  Balkon3 camera shows some interesting situations when people and animals outwit the burning sun.

Priceless in the summer heat

The coldest place is near the fountain

Strong cooling fans for rare visitors

Cooperation between a child and a powerful machine

Tired, burned faces

Still, one has to earn something every day

Demonstrating the usefulness of the product

Some think better with less clothes

A kitten hiding in the shade. He gives us a frightened look so we leave him alone

Keep still during the day and save your strength for the evening

You can’t walk and you can’t fly either at this heat

Keep your feet cool

A sip of water

Never leave the house without a hat

Unfortunately there is more work for ambulance vehicles

Swimming isn’t allowed in the Vardar River but there’s always a shower on the beach

An umbrella can provide sun protection

I can’t get away from the sun. It’s burning and burning…

Cars find shelter under the shadow, but I wonder since when is parking here legal?

Deserted square

The new fountain is the only regulator of heat in the city centre

Pensioners enjoy themselves on these benches but only after sunset

Shop owners in the Old Bazaar try to cool themselves with a hose

At +40˚C otherwise well-frequented cafés are empty

Text: D.C.

Photo: H.G.