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GULLAC – Milky dessert with pomegranate, walnuts or pistachio


Balkon3 is preparing Gulac (Güllaç) – a traditional Turkish dessert particularly popular during Ramadan fasting.


Turkish cuisine is well-known for a number of nutritious and delicious desserts with milk.

Gullac, a milky dessert (pronounced gioul-lahCH) tops this list. It is a white, soft and simple dessert made with several layers of phyllo dough – which is made from corn flour and corn starch, soaked in sweetened milk and seasoned with rosewater or vanilla extract.

You can see this traditional dessert in the windows of all pastry shops and restaurants that serve traditional Turkish desserts. It is usually garnished with fresh pomegranate seeds, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts that add to its flavor and texture.


It is never too late to try this dessert.  As the sweet shop meisters describe it “It is white like an angel, and tastes heavenly.”

This dessert is especially popular during the holy month of Ramadan because it is easy to digest after a long day of ascetic fasting. During the month of Ramadan the demand for phyllo dough and Gullac rises for a staggering 85%. But it can be served at any time of year, as well.

If you decide to prepare Gullac at home you will need the following ingredients:

gullach_kori_balkon310 gullac layers of phyllo dough

1 ½ l milk

350 gr sugar

1 cup chopped walnuts or pistachios

1 pomegranate for garnish


Gullac 2First heat up the milk and add the sugar. The milk needs to be really hot for the sugar to melt. Put one sheet of gulac dough in a baking pan and sprinkle it with milk. Wait for the milk to soak and repeat the same with the other four sheets of dough. Then spread the chopped walnuts or pistachios on top of them. Repeat the same procedure with the other five layers of dough, sprinkle them with milk and finally pour the rest of the milk over the cake.

Put it in a fridge and let it cool well. Don’t be upset if the phyllo has irregular shape or if the sheets are cracked. The milk will soften them and even out the surface.

When the cake is well-cooled cut it in squares or diamond shaped pieces, sprinkle it with pistachio, walnuts or coconut. You can add pomegranates, raspberries or strawberries as garnish.

Gullac 1

Enjoy with Balkon3 dessert

Bon Appetit, Afiyet olsun 

Kristina Angeleska