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Greek history, music and food on Independence Day in Athens


If you are interested in getting to know Greek history and music, or tasting traditional Greek food, then the Acropolis Museum in Athens is the right place for you.


On the occasion of Greek Independence Day on 25th March the museum is hosting various events and entry will be free for all visitors.

Museum conservators are going to present the technique of painting sandals in ancient times. Sandals are one of the three types of footwear that can be seen on ancient sculptures and images.

Besides the ancient methods of painting, the restorers will present a contemporary technique of cleaning of Caryatids (sculpted female figure serving as an architectural support column or pillar). Visitors will have the opportunity to discuss the method of restoration using laser technology.

A concert is going to be held in the museum with prominent Greek musicians of the 20th century. Pianist Lambrini Gioti and guitarist Giorgos Tsibouxis will perform musical pieces on piano and bouzouki addressing the theme of love in Greek music of the 20th century.

Interior_of_the_New_Acropolis_Museum   greek-independence-panel

Visitors will have an opportunity to see a remarkable collection of ancient sculptures whose original colours have been partly preserved. The museum staff will present the importance and perception of colour in antiquity.

In the meantime, the museum restaurant will welcome visitors with traditional Greek dishes.