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Greece second, Turkey third in having cleanest beaches in the world


Greece is the second country in the world, after Spain, in the number of cleanest beaches and harbours marked with a Blue Flag, which is a sign that the beach and sea water are a great place to relax and enjoy safely. Turkey came third in front of France, and holds two high positions together with Greece.


Balos Beach, Creta, Greece

Spain has the most clean beaches awarded with a Blue Flag (552), then came Greece (393) followed by Turkey (383), France fell to fourth place with 365 beaches awarded with Blue Flag. There is no change in the first two places this year, but Spain and Greece worked hard to increase the number of clean beaches and ports. Only Turkey changed position ousting France from the pedestal.

Antalya, Turkey

Antalya, Turkey

Turkey first applied for the award 20 years ago when only about 10 countries were being ranked, and it came last. Today the number of countries that are being ranked is 46, which makes it a matter of prestige to win as many Blue Flags as possible. Naturally, Blue Flags bring in more tourists who want to enjoy the clean beaches and clear water.

Corfu, blue flag beach

Corfu, blue flag beach

The Blue Flag has become a recognizable tourist symbol, and this award has prompted authorities to be more concerned about the hygiene and safety of tourist sites. Antalya is the Turkish province with the highest concentration of clean beaches boasting a Blue Flag – 179. Istanbul has only three beaches with such a prestigious award.

This summer you can choose one of the “blue” beaches in Greece or Turkey and don’t forget to read Balkon 3 .

Zakintos, Greece

Zakintos, Greece

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