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Giola lagoon – one of world’s most beautiful natural pools


Thassos Island is a top tourist destination  in Greece, yet only a few of those who have visited it know that it possessess one of world’s most beautiful natural swimming pools – Giola lagoon. Separated from the sea by a narrow strip of rocks, it looks like a pool of crystal clear water, carved into a coral reef that rises above it.

Those who have visited Giola say it is a piece of heaven on Earth, remote and inaccessible. It is located near the village of Astris but it is impossible to travel by car, so the locals are absolutely necessary to guide you there. When you dive into the warm waters of the lagoon you’ll know that the exhausting trip was so worth it.

Legend says that the pool was created by the Greek god Zeus, and Aphrodite went swimming there, so it is also known as “The tear of Aphrodite.” According to another legend, the pool is the eye through which Zeus watched over his mistress.

It is a masterpiece of nature, a gift from the gods, and definitely a place you must visit.

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