Guide to SKOPJE


Edirne, a border town; Magical city which links Anatolia to Europe where Tunca, Arda and Meriç rivers meet. Such a city that embraces you with its warmth at the first step through. Sincerity of the people, geographical richness reflecting the traditional cultures make it a special place.


For centuries Edirne hosted many different cultures. After the split of Roman Empire the city was within the borders of Byzantine Empire. And later on it became Ottoman soil, than was the capital city of Ottoman Empire for 92 years until the conquest of Constantinople. For this reason the city consists of historical pieces such as palaces, mosques, religious schools, covered bazaars, inns, baths and many more. Grand master architect Sinan constructed famous Selimiye Mosque as he calls it ‘’his masterpiece’’ in this town.


There are even more special places like Italian Catholic Church, Bulgarian Sveti Georgi Church, Konstantin and Helana Church and big synagogue of Edirne (second largest in Europe) adding more colour and richness to the place.


As you can see it is not really possible to tell everything about Edirne in one article, so let’s go back to our main subject! Here I will talk about the famous fried liver of Edirne, an enough reason to visit the town. A taste that even seduces liver haters after a single try!

Meat is a must in Edirne Cuisine. And especially the fried liver has become the symbol and trademark of the city. Well, than what is the reason that makes fried liver this famous? What is it really that differentiates it from the others? If you like to find out the secret recipe here I share it with you;

Rule number one: The chefs of Edirne prefer the liver taken from a calf no older than 1 year. It has to be very fresh, preferably ‘’daily meat’’. The liver should be sliced very thinly (as they say ‘’as thin as a leaf‘’ and should be totally freed from veins, sinew and blood (this is extremely important and makes all the difference).


The secret behind the special aroma of the liver lies in the frying oil. Liver should be floured before frying and should be fried in hot sunflower oil on high heat, no more than couple of minutes.


After placing on a service plate it should be salted. The most important garnish for fried liver is hot dried peppers called ‘’Karaaci’’ which are also grown in Karaağaç, Edirne. The peppers should also be fried in a hot pan.


I guess our liver and dried peppers are ready now, so let’s have it with Ayran (yoghurt drink). Bon appétit!


As you now found out the secret of the great recipe, it’s time to pay a visit to Edirne in your earliest convenience, you won’t regret it!

Arkan Cinetci