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Folegandros – Europe’s most beautiful village


The streets of Santorini are packed with admirers of the island, whereas on Folegandros , another island of the Cyclades, you can find similar architecture without the crowds of tourists roaming around. This is how Travel+Leisure magazine describes Folegandros, placing it among the twelve most beautiful villages in Europe.folegandros_hotel_1You can find everything that is expected from such an island – streets paved with stone, whitewashed houses decorated with colorful flowers, a few Orthodox churches with light blue domes, all of it in a very peaceful atmosphere.695528If you want to take a swim, go to Katergo, a stretch of beaches surrounded by cliffs, where emerald waves play with the pebbles on the beach.greece-folegandros-katergo-beachThe list of Europe’s most beautiful villages also includes Tellaro in Italy, Bibury in England, Hallstatt in Austria, Colmar in France, Reine in Norway, Telc in the Czech Republic, Albarracin in Spain, Pucisca in Croatia, Cong in Ireland, Gruyeres in Switzerland and Bled in Slovenia.fol1All of them seem to be frozen in time, presenting a perfect postcard image that tourists are so eager to find. That is why it is difficult for the finest places on the European continent to remain hidden for a long time. The moment they become popular multitudes of tourists start pouring in, making a walk down the narrow village streets hardly enjoyable.folHowever, according to Travel+Leisure magazine, there are a few places where you can still experience the charm of past times without feeling that you are in the middle of an amusement park. The magazine concludes that some of these destinations are hard to reach, but are definitely worth the effort.

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