Guide to SKOPJE


“La Festadel Cinema Italiano” will be bringing the audience in touch with a total of 26 contemporary Italian movies previously undistributed in Greece, yet popular and awarded top prizes in Italy itself. Italian gastronomy will be featuring as well, care of the city’s most well-known Italian restaurants that will provide food and drinks at special prices after each show.

As Panayiotis Timoyiannakis, well-known cinema critic and art director of the Festa points out, the neighboring country’s influence on modern Greek culture and lifestyle has truly been outstanding for many generations now. Admiring, following and cooperating with masters of the past in cinema and music is an acknowledged fact – however, there is aneed to get acquainted with Italian masterpieces of today, that unfortunately have been absent from the Greek movie theatres during the past few years.

The week-long event launches with a new movie titled “Appartamento ad Atene” (Apartment inAthens), linking Italian cinematography with the hosting city. It is the debut of director Ruggero di Paola, who will be present at the opening day event (19/4, 20:30, “Ideal” movie theatre). The plot takes place in 1942 Nazi-occupied Athens. Excelling Italian actress Laura Morante is joined in the movie by Greek actor Gerasimos Skiadaresis.

Each year the event aims to introduce a special cinematography persona to the audience, starting up this year with Greek celebrity actor inItaly, Nicolas Vaporidis. Two central cinema theatres of Athens are hosting the shows: “Ideal” (46, Panepistimioust. Tel: 2103826720) and “Elli” (64, Akadimiasst. Tel: 2103632789) -Metro stop: Panepistimio.  The program is available (in italian and greek) at

The event is taking place under the auspices of the Italian Embassy, the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens and the Hellenic-Italian Chamber. (S.N.)