Guide to SKOPJE

Exhibition of traditional Turkish handicrafts


As a result of natural conditions, handicrafts are with us since ancient times, since the first forms of human existence. The first examples of handicrafts were made to please people’s needs, for example protection and cover for our body. Then, according to conditions and the environment handicrafts went through changes. They reflect our feelings, society, artistic value and cultural characteristics. In that way they qualify to be “traditional”.

rakotvorbi tika_cover

In an exhibition of Turkish handicrafts in “Cifte amam” we could see different boxes, cases, tables, utensils, clothes, bed sheeting, pillow cases etc. Students from the “Most”(bridge) association with pleasure and a little artistic touch gave the wood a new life. In their hands the wood gets a literally new, wonder full shape in different colors.

This exhibition was supported by the Turkish agency for cooperation and coordination (TIKA). Balkon3 visited this exhibition and the wonder full works of art that the students shared with you.

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Photo: Husamedin Gina