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European music day

Every year on the 21st  of June, the day of the summer soltice, music is the main topic of interest in many cities across Europe. The idea for an event of this kind is to encourage composing music and presenting it to its listeners. Professional and amateur musicians from all over the world come together in the major capitals in Europe to perform for free and present their music to the people.european_music_day

It began in France in 1982 when Jack Lang (French Minister of Culture at the time) had the idea to celebrate music and its creation. His idea was to bring out all the musicians on the street and have them perform. The next year Music day brought together 200.000 musicians,

both amateur and professional, to play together in the streets, parks, town halls etc. This year, between the 19th and 20th of June you are bound to run into them in 22 cities  across Greece.

Event details:

Venue: Thessaloniki Concert Hall

Time 19:00h

Ticket pice: Free