Guide to SKOPJE

Eminonu – a world of its own


Main tourist attraction in Istanbul… Centre of the Ottoman Empire, heart of Istanbul, former capital of the Eastern Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire.

During the day it has over 2 million visitors, whereas in the evening it drops to about 30 thousand inhabitants they say. The streets are empty and quiet in the evening hours.

Trade centre… a trade that has been going on for 1500 years without cease. Skyscrapers and huge shopping centres did not manage to surpass its reputation as the centre of trade in Istanbul.  This historic place boasts a great variety of people and things: street vendors from Africa, ports harbouring ships before crossing over to Asia, mosques, and the inevitable tuna sandwiches.

Balkon3 will tell the story of this world of its own through the eye of the camera:)

Eminonu, a world of its own

Yeni Mosque or the New Mosque was built in 1597. It is the last example of large mosques built by Ottoman Sultans

Galata Bridge – Fishermen on the bridge, fish restaurants underneath it

One of its countless narrow streets

Signposts everywhere – you’ll always find your way

Packed with people during the day

Trade centre – street vendors from all over the world

Life is hard, people have to work into old age

Prayer beads are most sought after items

One lira will buy you corn to feed the wild pigeons on the square in front of Yeni Mosque. The old lady was camera shy

A child chasing pigeons:)

Wild pigeons resting on the walls of the mosque. They needn’t worry about food, there is always plenty  of it

Fishermen and their lines, a long-standing image of Galata bridge

Tourists curiously watching fishermen

Fish boat restaurants

Fish sandwiches, the best taste of Istanbul

Photo: Husamettin Gina