Guide to SKOPJE



As the many world capitals, the streets of Istanbul are also ready for the celebration of the New Year  2015. The countdown can began. The busiest  parts of town are decorated with special festive decorations and lights. Some people will spend the crazies night in the year at home with their loved ones and  some will celebrate the new beginning in some night club or local restaurant. One of the most famous shopping areas of Istanbul, Nişantaşı is finishing the preparations for the glittering night. As in the previous years, all the great parties will be in the Nişantaşı areas of Valikonagi, Abdi İpekçi Avenue, Teşvikiye.

The New Year celebration and the concept of “Winter’s Tale in Nisantasi” is organized by the Şişli Municipality, since Nişantaşı is under its authority. A 500 meters  red carpet with a 4 meters width was rolled over the great avenue of Abdi Ipekci, which together with the magnificent street lighting makes the visitors to feel as the  music stars on the podiums.

A worthwhile is the visit of the 20 giant statues designed in different colors and concept by the famous designer, Tuvana Büyükçınar. Nişantaşı  will also host a street party which will be held on December 31. The scene will be set at the  Abdi Ipekci street and during the night there are going to be different parties and music. As in all the previous years, thousands of people are expecting the street entertainment with great interest. Exactly at 24 pm the visitors will welcome the new 2012 visitors with fireworks

Another year is behind us … It’s hard to say that there was peace, happiness and prosperity in 2014 all around the planet … Just as we can not say for the previous year …. In 2011 the wars, the conflicts ,the hunger, the poverty, the natural disasters and economic crisis did not disappear in the world … But our hope will continue in 2015.

Like many people I know, the first thing that I should do on 1 of January is to squash the red pomegranate which I carry in my purse right on the threshold of my house… You are probably wondering what is the meaning of this custom? … According to the beliefs from the Greek mythology when you enter in the new year you should squash a pomegranate in front of the doorway. It is believed that the pomegranate broken on the front door of the house will bring fertility, happiness and prosperity.

Once I enter inside, I will open the windows of  the house to let the fresh air in… The cold breeze that will flow into my home will make me feel fresh and vibrant at the start of the new year … Of course I will forget the needless memories from the last year … We all hope that the new 2015 will bring fulfillment of all our dreams, happiness and peace.

Mine Esen Ergur