Guide to SKOPJE

Devil’s Wall

The wastelands surrounding the town of Sveti Nikole resemble a remote valley in Afghanistan rather than a macedonian landscape, and hide an amazing legend. It hasn’t been in the public eye so far, but that is what we are here for,to reveal it to the world and induce curiosity so that you visit this intriguing place.gjavolski dzid11

Firstly, let’s take a good look at these walls and listen to the story:

One day the devil decided to build a dam and divert Bregalnica river towards Ovce Pole so as to flood it. He told the Lord that he will do it in one night, but luckily he failed to finish it!

The Lord outsmarted him by waking up a rooster in the middle of the night. The rooster began to crow and announced dawn earlier leaving the wretched devil with his job half finished.

Ovce Pole was safe from the flood and Bregalnica river still runs in the same course. The wall is the only remnant witnessing the eternal fight between good and evil.

You need a good pair of hiking shoes if you want to get to the wall. It takes 2 hours of hiking from the village of Bogoslovec to reach the location. Trust me, once you are there you can see itis really worth the effort.

Devil’s Wall stretches for several kilometers, you can see parts of it and some interesting details. This wall is still a mystery. People who visit the location see it as a natural phenomenon, but there are also those who search for gold because of the legend which says that there is a buried gold and a tunnel under the hill near the wall. They cause more damage to the site than actually finding any gold!

Such a place cannot but be a huge inspiration for artists, especially for painters.

When you stand next to the Devil’s Wall you feel so small, and then you feel that there is a great power. Although it might just be tectonic disturbancesunderground one can definitely feel unusual power! Devil’s Wall stretches from the East towards the West and certainly this is not a coincidence!

A person really does feel small standing next to this stone building which hides many legends. Besides the one that says how God defeated the devil, you can often hear testimonies of fishermen that this place is frequented by UFOs!

Scientists have their explanation for the the origin of this wonderful place. Namely, a large part of Macedonian territory was under the sea 40 million years ago and water began to recede 25 million years ago!

Devil’s Wall is now only visited by groups of tourists, domestic and foreign adventurers. A good promotion campaign and national strategy Bogoslovec and the Devil’s Wall could become one of the most interesting tourist destinations in the country.

Valmir Kuchi