Guide to SKOPJE

Corn bread with parsley


Necessary ingredients:

3 cups, flour

3 cups, corn flour

4 eggs

250 g cheese

2 cups with salad oil

1 noggin of curdled milk

2 sachets of baking powder

1/2 sparkling water

1 parsley bouquet

Salad oil and salt


Firstly, we break the eggs in a deep bowl and we stir them with a string. We add salad oil, the curdled milk, the sparkling water, the two types of flour, the corn flour, salt and we mix them with a masher. The parsley is rinsed with water and the bouquet is cut on the cutting board, the cheese is mashed with a fork and we put them in a bowl. We mix them with a spoon until the mixture is thick. After that, we put the dough on a previously oiled frying pan. The pan is put in an oven for 45 minutes at 180 degrees.

Bon appétit!

Meri Chekerovska