Guide to SKOPJE


COME ON PEHLIVAN! (These words are shouted at the beginning of a fight between the wrestlers as a call to a duel)

Place: Calikli, Valandovo, a football stadium with lovely green grass, zurlas, drums, hundreds of litres of oil, one pelivan Aga, tens of judges, hundreds of pelivans of all ages, active and retired freestyle wrestlers. It was the place and time for hundreds of domestic and foreign tourists to enjoy the skill of this traditional sport for two days.

Enjoy this photo story by Balkon3…

Vegetable oil is applied abundantly

Warming up

Pelivan Aga (A former pelivan, dressed in traditional clothes, controls the fights)

Leather trousers (called “kspet”, made of buffalo and calfskin leather)

First victory is the sweetest!

They are an indispensable part of the games

A spectacular finish follows this move

Giving tips is a tradition, but crisis has its toe and the cap is almost empty

The fights are carefully observed

Ah, If only I were younger!

Shoulder injury – an integral part of the fights