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City Park

City Park

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City Park 42.002849, 21.422187 City Park

City Park is an oasis. The largest public park in Macedonia covers an area of ​​486,000 square metres. It was started in the XIX century during Ottoman rule and over the years it has been gradually expanded and upgraded. Today the park is a favorite place for the citizens of Skopje where they can go for a walk, play sports and do recreational activities. There are various events taking place at the popular “Shell” almost every weekend. City Park is one of the cleanest places in Skopje with the exception of the couple of lakes and we recommend that you do not attempt to approach any of them. However, it is a really peaceful place where you can read a book while enjoying the birds’ chirping.

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City Park is most visited in the hot summer evenings during which many young people use it as a place for having fun and hanging out with friends. There are several discotheques and night clubs that are open until the early morning hours, also lots of people take their guitar with them and the party goes on until dawn. So, if you are a “party animal” just bring your good mood with you and head for the park. Skopje Zoo, the National Arena Philip II of Macedonia, tennis courts, a sports hall and an amusement park (which has long been neglected and forgotten though) are all located in the park.