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The 8 absurdities of the Balkan Greater State nationalism

1. Every country in the Balkans believes that it should be bigger than it is. We’d need at least one more Balkan peninsula to satisfy everybody. 2.But none of them considers that as taking something... All countries have “historical arguments”

To Serve and Protect: Meet the Ezerani Park Rangers

While most of us work in weekdays and wait for a little precious spare time to spend in nature, some were lucky enough to have nature as their working place. Borche Lazarovski, Toni Dzepovski are... What is it that jeopardizes the park, anyway?

“Free of charge” – by the state

When the state tells you that it provides something for free, it’s the same as if the fridge offers to buy you lunch. If nobody puts food in the fridge, nothing will come out of... The state never gives anything for free

LET ME ILLUSTRATE FOR YOU: „I’m not interested in politics“

Never mind the people that are not interested in politics. Because politics is still interested in them. The lower the interest, the better for politics. What does it even mean to not be interested in... Every coin that the state spends, is obtained from the citizens

Let me illustrate to you – (I)Legitimate government

When does a certain government begin to lose its legitimacy? It happens at the exact moment when the government itself does not abide by the rules of the system. When it starts to deceive and... Brainwashing, intimidation, stereotypes

“Zenne” – a film about a gay dancer which shook Turkey

The story of a young Ahmet Yildiz, who was killed by his father because of a different sexual orientation, caused great controversy and sharp debates in Turkey. It’s all because of the moution picture “Zene”,...

Strangers in our own city

When you see a group of around fifty people, who are listening to the tourist guide with great interest while they are vigorously taking photos, you will probably think that they are some foreign tourist...

Keep on riding, Dejan!

Interview with Dejan Zafirov, a young man, who cycled 5.300 kilometers from New York to San Francisco. Five years ago, Dejan lost his left leg and since then he walks with the help of a...


The Balkon3 team this weekend has decided to prepare a special dish for you, which will particularly be favored by those of you who feel that “any dish without meat, is not really a dish...
Devil’s Wall

Devil’s Wall

The wastelands surrounding the town of Sveti Nikole resemble a remote valley in Afghanistan rather than a macedonian landscape, and hide an amazing legend. It hasn’t been in the public eye so far, but that... amazing legend