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To Serve and Protect: Meet the Ezerani Park Rangers

While most of us work in weekdays and wait for a little precious spare time to spend in nature, some were lucky enough to have nature as their working place. Borche Lazarovski, Toni Dzepovski are... What is it that jeopardizes the park, anyway?

Historic places in Istanbul – Samatya

I have lived in Istanbul for almost 40 years now, and I feel a duty to tell about the city. My first reportage will be accompanied by a cup of Turkish coffee with just a...

Wintertime holiday season a la Greek

To some it is the need to escape for a while from the gloominess of winter and the increasing difficulties of everyday life. Others see it as a spiritual uplifting occasion and a return to... Peek over our wintertime festivities


Time and time again, international movie-makers decided to use the beautiful landscapes of the Greek islands as a setting to super-hit movies. It has for years been a win-win situation: both for the box-offices as...

Ramadan Bayram in Skopje’s oldest Mosque

How does a Ramadan Bayram prayer look to someone from a Christian family? Probably similar to Easter, but without the women, for whom we know don’t pray in the mosque according to their religion. I...

The Balkans are a fascinating gastronomic region – Balkon3 interview with Zlatko Gall

“Eating only wholegrain cereal, some green leaves, drinking Evian water and running for 50 km a day. To hell with that! That’s not life” – Balkon3 interview with Zlatko Gall, a Croatian journalist, commentator, one of... Let people travel, not groceries


Third largest in the Cyclades archipelago, Tinos really has room for everyone: beach-partying youths, romantic couples, folklore admirers, Mediterranean foodies, religious pilgrims, marine-sports types, nature-loving types, art lovers and families with children! Tinos is located...

100 Best Things to do in Greece

Greece needs its tourist industry now more than ever; anyone choosing Greece as a holiday destination is helping to support its economy. Though struggling, it has lost none of its attraction for visitors; the Parthenon... You will neither regret nor forget it

A journey around Christmas and two New Year’s Eves in 15 days

Macedonia is “the land of the holidays”. Citizens of this small Balkan country love to celebrate with friends and family in a lively atmosphere round full tables. With about twenty public and religious holidays it... Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas

Getting to Norway

If you need a Norwegian Visa to get there, do not hesitate to do so, as you will not regret a single trial for this beauty! Read on about the documents you need and the... Read on about the documents you need