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Baklava – irresistible taste of tradition

Baklava – irresistible taste of tradition

Every single one of us has tried baklva and fallen in love with its irresistible taste. One cannot resist the savory smell of nuts, pistachios, syrup and crispy phyllo dough, so baklava still maintains its...

17 landmarks along Mavrovo-Struga road, the most picturesque road in Macedonia

Four lakes, five mountains, two rivers, two towns, villages, monasteries, bridges, beautiful nature … It is all packed into a few kilometres of Mavrovo-Struga road along Macedonia’s western border. The road is not easy to... It is much better in the passenger seat

Macun: More than just candy

Visiting the historical center of Istanbul you are bound to find yourself at the crowded way towards the entrance of the Top Kapi Palace. Among the incredible jam-packed situation, you may miss the street-sellers at... Candy-tonic from the Ottoman times
Love story of Ataturk and Eleni – a tourist attraction

Love story of Ataturk and Eleni – a tourist attraction

The story of unfulfilled love between Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and a beautiful girl from Bitola Eleni Karinte, called Balkan Romeo and Juliet by many, happened at the end of XIX century but still attracts attention...

International Premiere of “Me Sijum Underground” in Starigrad Paklenica

That day has come. On August 6th, in the beautiful landscape of the Adriatic Sea, an international premiere of the first documentary film produced by Balkon3 “I am underground” (“Me sijum underground”) will take place...

“Zenne” – a film about a gay dancer which shook Turkey

The story of a young Ahmet Yildiz, who was killed by his father because of a different sexual orientation, caused great controversy and sharp debates in Turkey. It’s all because of the moution picture “Zene”,...

Strangers in our own city

When you see a group of around fifty people, who are listening to the tourist guide with great interest while they are vigorously taking photos, you will probably think that they are some foreign tourist...
Bean, Sea, movies and music under Velebit

Bean, Sea, movies and music under Velebit

Old town (Starigrad), small hell (Paklenica). A large concentration of Macedonians, smell of beans, sea, sarma, peppers, mountains, turlitava, pie, shopska salad and good Macedonian wine. This is a scene from Starigrad Paklenica, a tiny... Old town, small hell :)

Keep on riding, Dejan!

Interview with Dejan Zafirov, a young man, who cycled 5.300 kilometers from New York to San Francisco. Five years ago, Dejan lost his left leg and since then he walks with the help of a...


The Balkon3 team this weekend has decided to prepare a special dish for you, which will particularly be favored by those of you who feel that “any dish without meat, is not really a dish...