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Calikli – a sincere story

“Pain shared is pain lessened, joy shared is joy increased” sounds most appropriate when we speak of village life. When we visited Calikli village near Valandovo, during International Spring Festival, we were convinced in the true meaning of this saying.

Kind, sincere, hospitable hosts greet their guests at the entrance of the village and share their excitement and joy for organizing the festival.

Balkon3 camera captured these moments…

old woman, the oldest inhabitant of Calikli

forester, confused by the crowds

village woman, attentively watching the events

One must earn a living

Zurla sound creates a different atmosphere

Deserted house

Traditional dress from Valandovo region

For the inhabitants of Calikli this traditional festival is not only an opportunity to meet new people and further relatives, but it also means great responsibility. On the one hand, all visitors and guests must be pleased with the organization, on the other hand, they have the responsibility to present the tradition of Yorouk people who live in eastern Macedonia.