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Cake Shop Apce

Cake Shop Apce

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Cake Shop Apce 42.000170, 21.417686 Cake Shop Apce

Skopje has several iconic spots that everybody knows. One of them is a cake shop with a rather unusual name – Apce (a pill). It has been in the same exact location since 1968 and it still has the best boza, eclairs, tulumbas, kadaif and trilece on its menu.

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On the right wall of the small shop you can see the photograph of the man who started the business with an inscription “Apce boza – a legendary drink!” The cake shop is most crowded during hot summer nights when a glass of cool boza is a balm for the soul. Prices are quite affordable and a glass of boza, lemonade or blueberry juice is about 60 denars (€1).

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Apce is so popular that it is used as a reference point for getting around in Debar Maalo, an old quart of Skopje. If somebody does not know where Apce is, they surely aren’t from Skopje then.