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Bigorski Monastery celebrated the Nativity of their Patron Saint


St. John the Forerunner Bigorski Monastery celebrated the Nativity of their Patron St. John the Baptist. Many Orthodox Christians flocked to the church to attend the all-night vigil, so in the morning the monastery was full of pilgrims from all over Macedonia.

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The monastery radiates spiritual calmness as the monks use Byzantine Chant in their services. The monastery keeps part of the relics of St. John the Baptist, a bone from the right hand of the saint. The relics are said to be myrrh-flowing with sweet, calming fragrance as a proof that these relics belong to one of the greatest Christian saints.


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“This holy temple has found its perfect nest by the crystal clear waters of the Radika river, in the lush green forests, scattered rocks and steep slopes of Mount Bistra. Inside the monastery there is a kind of timeless tranquility with a continuous ison (chant) of the river and the strong stream from the fountains. ” – says on the official website of Bigorski monastery:


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It also claims that “this ancient temple that takes your breath away with its timeless décor has much more than meets the eye. It is a witness to a deeper beauty, and in its bosom it hides all its secrets. The secret of Bigorski monastery lies in the desire to transform man and the world, to become a new man and a new world. It is not by chance that the monastery is dedicated to the last prophet from the Old Testament, the one whose angelic life was a perfect example for those who dwelt on earth.”

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Balkon 3 team captured the atmosphere during the celebration of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist:

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Text and Photo: Mile.A. Ristevski