Guide to SKOPJE



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Bezisten 42.000879, 21.438146 Bezisten

Bezisten is definitely the most charming place in the Old Bazaar. The former covered market and city’s trade center is now a kind of urban mix of art galleries, art studios, tea houses and cafés.


The covered market was built in the XV century and it was around this building that the bazaar started to grow. It was destroyed several times through the centuries but it has kept its current design since the turn of the XX century. It is a rectangular building with entrances on all four sides and inside it has two-story shops. It is isolated from the surroundings which makes it a “world in itself”.

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By day the Bezisten is a quiet and peaceful place where you can drink tea and enjoy the sounds of oriental music. If you happen to run into the artists who have studios there they will gladly show their works of art. At night the atmosphere is quite different, especially in the summer. The Bezisten turns into a nightclub with crazy parties until the early morning hours.