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Berovo – Little Switzerland of the Balkans

If you want to find the rising sun in Macedonia, head towards the east to the small mountain town of Berovo situated on the slopes of Malesevo Mountains, surrounded by pine,beech and oak forest. Through the crowns of the tall trees you can have a glimpse of lake Berovo, a place of pristine nature worth seeing and experiencing. If you decide to visit Berovo, do it step by step. As you are climbing up the beautiful winter landscape you will pass by Miskidziova fountain and get to Obozna – the highest peak at an altitude of 926 meters.

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Take a short break here, go out of your car and breathe deeply. You will breathe fresh mountain air with the highest concentration of oxygen and feel the sharpness of the mountain wind. In the distance you can see mountain tops covered with crystal white snow and witness beauty that is similar to the beauty of the Swiss Alps. That is why Berovo is often called Little Switzerland.

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Berovo is a revolutionary town, famous for its historic figures Dedo Ilo Malesevski and Dimitar Berovski. It has a population of about 10,000 residents who are trying to keep their cultural and historical heritage, their cherished traditions, music, food and folklore. Most modern craftsman try to use old techniques and modern tools to create diverse products that are characteristic of Malesevia region. Woodcarvers from the Malesevia region are famous for the quality of their craftsmanship of any kind of woodcarving – relief or sculpture. Goldsmiths and jewelers were an integral part of the lives of the Berovo people and the craft of shoemaking has deep roots in Malesevia region.

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Spend your winter holiday in Berovo this year. Modern hotels that cherish the authenticity of Malesevia tradition, offer delicious healthy food. We recommend that you try Malesevo (Berovo) cheese, hard cheese, smoked cheese, bulamach, cottage cheese, buttermilk, a specialty made with potatoes and pork chops, and for dessert a pie with different kinds of berries. When you get tired of walking up and down mountain trails, visiting medieval churches dedicated to Archangel Michael, the Virgin Mary and Nativity of Mary Mother of God, you can go back to your warm room and have a cup of hot herbal tea by the fireplace. It will relax you and give you energy for the next day. If you are a little cold and have a cough, do not worry because in Berovo you can find the best pine syrup which helps clean the lungs making you feel healthy and happy again.

It is a blessing to celebrate the New Year’s Eve with your loved ones and your family in Ablanica resort, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Ablanica is four kilometers from Berovo, but you can experience a real mountain fairytale there and enjoy the magic that only winter can create.


A unique feature of Berovo are the pies and polenta cakes. I’ll never forget the delicious cabbage pie that granny Zivka Dimitrievska made for us, spiced with her ​​warmth and kindness.


She is one of the many people in Berovo that will offer their hospitality to strangers with a refreshing plum or wild strawberry relish and elderberry juice. They will tell you stories about Berovo that will make you wish you never had to leave that little picturesque mountain town.

Julijana Dimitrievska