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Because this is not Hollywood, this is the Balkans


Balkan movies on the palms of your hands. The battle with Hollywood blockbusters may commence. Balkon3 presents you the film and video platform altcine, a project fully and undoubtedly dedicated to promotion of Balkan cinematography. Organizing internet festivals, news and information of the film sphere, articles, reviews and critics are only a part of altcine’s activities. Without doubt altcine’s greatest success is that it managed to gather useful information for 1034 film titles and 8244 actors and filmmakers from the Balkans in its 2 year of existence in its internet film library. Of course, these numbers will continue to grow.

Altcine is a platform founded in 2011 by Electra Venaki. Actors, producers, film technicians, as well as the film industry as a whole have a place to communicate and keep in touch with their audience and share their common interests with the goal to promote film and video productions from all of the Balkan countries to the World. Film fans from all around the world have the chance to look to cinematography and cinema from an entirely another perspective. Altcine’s mission is to preserve the cultural differences and diversities between the people, to educate new audiences and to open new corridors for the professionals and artists in a multicultural and multiethnic environment.

In 2012, for its first anniversary, altcine presented altcineAction!, the first online festival for short films organized especially for the Balkan filmmakers. This festival is a really innovative because it offers young directors and producers from the Balkans the opportunity to present their work to the biggest possible crowd and audience of the Internet.

The second edition of altcineAction Online Short Film Festival is already being held. Every cinematographer younger than 35 years can apply to be a part of the festival, and their films cannot be longer than 15 minutes. The films are presented the screening room area of altcineAction! website, but film applications are being admitted until the total festival’s capacity of 360 minutes of film have been submitted on the website. Then, the filmmakers’ accomplishments are being put up against the ruthless internet audience and the voting begins. It really is an innovative concept that encourages young directors to make film art. In 2012, the festival gathered 48 films from 8 countries, 3,500 critics and 2,900 registered users, while offering valuable prizes made possible by the top firms in the audiovisual sector.

In this moment, altcine is made up of a bunch of Greeks, which all are renown professionals in the fields of cinema, audiovisual arts and the IT sector. These people, disregarding the difficult economic climate, are dedicated to create a modern, easily usable and accessible Internet environment which will promote the Balkan cinematography.

We take the greatest pleasure to announce the collaboration between our website Balkon 3 and the Greek video and film platform, altcine. The collaboration will comprise of publishing interviews with filmmakers and producers, promotion of Balkan cinematography, and presenting short films – participants of altcineAction festival.

Blagoja Stamatovski