Guide to SKOPJE

Bean, Sea, movies and music under Velebit


Old town (Starigrad), small hell (Paklenica). A large concentration of Macedonians, smell of beans, sea, sarma, peppers, mountains, turlitava, pie, shopska salad and good Macedonian wine. This is a scene from Starigrad Paklenica, a tiny town under huge Velebit mountains in Croatia,where the 5th International Film Festival of Music Documentaries is being held at the moment.

starigrad paklenica_cover

The town has woken up from its slumber to the sounds of music films, exciting workshops and the marvelous landscape and settingfor the screening of several Macedonian music documentaries. In a tavern under the rocky Velebit, there is Macedonian food.

paklenica_SPFF5_balkon3 paklenica_SPFF2_balkon3

Singing, eating and wine drinking in a relaxed atmosphere with prominent filmmakers, critics and musicians such as Roger Ross Williams, Zoran Pezo, Goran Gajic, Zlatko Gal, Brian Rasic, Vlatko Stefanovski, Uli Schueppel and Magnifico.

paklenica_SPFF4_balkon3 paklenica_SPFF6_balkon3

And in the night, on the stage surrounded by rocks and lit by Velebit starry skies, we enjoy the concerts of Dusan Kojic Koja, The Frajle, TBF… ”Nothing’s gonna spoil my day, no bad mood nor ugly stuff, nothing’s gonna spoil my day, no crooks, no primitives or stupid politicians, no generals and world leaders … in my shadowy kingdom I won’t have any newspapers nor music nor sport…“ 🙂


Text and photo: Darko Chekerovski