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Balkon3 takes you to Ksamil, an excellent holiday destination

With the rising temperature and the upcoming summer holidays, there is growing interest in new, fresh tourist destinations. Balkon3 team decided to present another tourist resort where you can spend your summer holidays.


We will try to present a realistic image of Ksamil with fewer words and more pictures. It is a small tourist village situated in the south of Albania 18 km south of Saranda .

Ksamil is suitable for family vacations and it is a single tourist place where you can get on a boat and go to the nearby island for lunch for only 220 lek (about 1,5 euros), or travel to an island of your choice to go for a walk and breathe some fresh sea air.


Ksamil is one of the few coastal villages in Albania where you can swim from one island to another. You need to be an excellent swimmer for that kind of adventure and very, very brave.

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Ksamil is a favorite destination for many macedonian tourists. The only problem for them is the long drive of around 500 km. You can get to Ksamil via Greece also and, in fact it is the best route to take because the roads are much better.


All those who are looking for an adrenaline rush can go through Albania and travel over Logora Mountain.


All tourists driving through Albania should know that the journey offers them a great chance ti see the beauty of the southern coast of Albania.


During the journey you pass through private beaches, intact bays, river estuaries, military bunkers and spectacular rocky areas. The journey gives an adrenaline rush and turns you into an explorer.

Albania - 118 - Butrinti

So, no need to hesitate any longer. Visit Ksamil!

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