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Balkon 3 suggestion for a football snack: peppers and whey cheese salad

Football and beer. Why beer? There aren’t many explanations to that. It’s generally accepted that football has first become a traditional sport in the countries where beer had already been a traditional beverage, like the British Islands, the Netherlands, Germany… And since football is an occasion for friendly gatherings, it was expected that the most popular drink would also join the company.

fudbalsko meze0_balkon3

Anyway, why is one of the most stereotypical connections of today important for our story? Because beer has become a determinant about what can be called a football snack. It has to “go with the beer“, that is to be easy to prepare, salty, easy to serve and to eat without lots of settings. This way it can be served on the coffee table in the living room, in front of the TV, surrounded with beer glasses or bottles.

There are many games left till the end of the World Cup in Brazil and you probably run out of snack ideas day by day. Here’s a suggestion from us: a salad made of roasted red peppers with whey cheese and mayonnaise. That’s all the ingredients you need, plus a little salt.

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But wait, let’s go back to the first one. Roasted red peppers? The World Cup is held in June and July, where are we supposed to find them? In the garden the pepper plants have just began to grow, it’ll take months till they flourish, yield, and for the peppers to grow and maturate. But many families in Macedonia have a habit to freeze a few plastic bags of roasted red peppers in autumn, so they could consume them later in winter. If you were as lucky as us to have forgotten at least one of these bags, it’s time to use its content. Just follow our suggestion.

Take one kilo of roasted red peppers (or as much as you have left), peel them, take the seeds away and chop them.

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Next, you need to grind them in a blender, or even better, in a hand grinder. When they begin to look like ayvar, pour them in a deeper bowl and add half a kilo of whey cheese. Mix them all together, add 100 to 150 grams of mayonnaise, mix a little bit more, and you’re finished. You have your salad.

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The salad itself goes great with beer, and it may be even better if you use it as a sauce for some other snacks, like salty sticks or crackers. Naturally, just like all other football snacks, it tastes good without beer as well. We ate the leftovers that we couldn’t finish at the football night the next morning, for breakfast. New games, new snacks.

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If your search for frozen peppers through the freezer ends up with no success, you have two options. You can buy red peppers imported from some other side of the World, which you’d probably have to pay for with golden nuggets. Or you can wait for the autumn, when two regular seasons will begin: the football season and the ayvar season. It means that we’ll have a lot of football and red peppers in one place. And we’ll make sure to remind you how to combine that all.

Author: Goce Trpkovski