Guide to SKOPJE

Balkan Venture Forum

Innovators and investors from the region and Western Europe, Turkey and Israel, will arrive at the regional conference in Skopje, which will be held on 18th and 19th of April. The best innovators in the Balkans, many investors from the region, politicians who make the  decisions in this area, big and small companies, academic researchers will all be gathered on one place. The center of all the events will be the Metropolis Arena in Skopje. The event is organized by the Foundation for innovation and entrepreneurship in the Balkans, under the sponsorship of the President Georgi Ivanov. This is an excellent opportunity for you to apply and to find out who are the latest investment trends and to share some of your knowledge. The tickets can be purchased online at the official site of the organizer. There you will find more detailed info for all the participants.