Guide to SKOPJE

Autumn – time for gold colors and farewells


We are now deep into the yellow-golden season of the year. Two inseparable colors unambiguously associated with autumn, a time when nature begins to slowly fade away. It is said that autumn disturbs the balance in men and it is when even the greatest of love can die. Poetry often finds it to be a fatal time, sweeping the feelings of love and hope from our hearts, and bringing sorrow and farewells instead. It seems to be even more severe than the harsh, cold winter.

However, for many people it is the best season of the year. For those who like walking on yellow-leaves confetti this is the right time. A perfect place for a date is Skopje’s City Park where Balkon 3 spent a beautiful sunny weekend. We went for a stroll among the golden leaves trying to capture the best moments of autumn with our camera.

Photo: Husamedin Gina