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A journalist for over 15 years who enjoys a good story, long discussions on everyday life topics or current global events, and arguments against prejudice and stereotypes. He likes good filmс, books, biographies and music. He enjoys Balkan cuisine especially musaka, turli tava, baked beans and is a proven fan of the Oriental school of desserts. His motto is: My country is the world, and my religion is to do good.

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If you ask the people of Skopje where to find the best kebabs in town, you will probably get at least a dozen different answers. However, the most common response you get will be: “Destan,...

Cake Shop Palma

A cake shop with an exotic name, a 40-year-old tradition and the ice-cream of our and our parents’ childhood. I, for one, first relished in the magical taste of ice-cream here in Palma some 25...

Cake Shop Apce

Skopje has several iconic spots that everybody knows. One of them is a cake shop with a rather unusual name – Apce (a pill). It has been in the same exact location since 1968 and...

Daut Pasha Hamam

Daut pasha Hamam is a must-visit place for all art and architecture lovers. It is a picturesque example of Islamic architecture built in the second half of the XV century. It is located at the...

Saint Panteleimon Monastery

There are at least three reasons to visit the monastery of St. Panteleimon: location, history and food. It is located on the slopes of Mount Vodno and the monastery complex dominates the area. You can...

Old Town Brewery

Old Town Brewery, or as people in Skopje call it the Brewery, is one of the most popular places in the Old Bazaar. There is a wide variety of beers and the appetizers are quite...
Bean, Sea, movies and music under Velebit

Bean, Sea, movies and music under Velebit

Old town (Starigrad), small hell (Paklenica). A large concentration of Macedonians, smell of beans, sea, sarma, peppers, mountains, turlitava, pie, shopska salad and good Macedonian wine. This is a scene from Starigrad Paklenica, a tiny... Old town, small hell :)


The Balkon3 team this weekend has decided to prepare a special dish for you, which will particularly be favored by those of you who feel that “any dish without meat, is not really a dish...
Seven interesting facts about Turkish coffee

Seven interesting facts about Turkish coffee

Having a cup of coffee is a daily ritual for most of us. Coffee lovers cannot start the day without this “magic” potion. Turkish coffee is considered part of our culture rather than just a... A treat: Coffee and Turkish delight
We put Nea Salamina back to the top of volleyball world

We put Nea Salamina back to the top of volleyball world

Interview with Zarko Ristoski, Selector of Macedonia National Volleyball Team Mr. Ristoski, what is it that people find so appealing in volleyball? It isn’t football, it isn’t basketball, there aren’t many fans and supporter clubs,... I miss Halloumi goat cheese