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Love without borders, modern greek – turkish fairytale

The Greek-Turkish love story began 6 years ago. The media in the both countries described the  relationship between the renown Greek journalist Fani Grammatikogianni and the president of football club Galatasaray, Ünal Aysal as one modern fairy tale.

The beautiful and famous Greek journalist Fani Grammatikogianni won the heart of one of the most powerful people in Turkey and the president of the most popular Turkish club of all times- Galatasaray. The fairytale started to evolve in Greece. During a visit to Athens, Ajsal met Fanny in one restaurant and as it usually happens they experienced love at first sight. The notable businessman was trying to get closer to the beautiful Greek lady and after several attempts he managed to persuade her to go out for a dinner. And since then and up to now, everything is like a fairytale, but  certainly much softer than the football and more realistic than the television. “In a few words, Fani managed to conquer the castle“ say the Greek newspapers.

After this event the couple lives in the beautiful Geneva, combinig it with  visits of Athens and Istanbul, Turkey. Unal Ajsal is not only the president of the most eminent Turkish football club, but at the same time he is a leader in the energy sector. His company „Unit International“ is one of the largest in the Middle East, and besides Turkey he is active in Bulgaria and Italy. Meanwhile Fani has worked in a number of Greek TV stations. These days, the couple is sailing around the Greek islands  with their 50-foot luxury yacht , where  Fani is probably explaing Ajsal the stories about the old Greek culture and the beauty of her country.