Guide to SKOPJE

An unusual orchestra of soul mates

Apparently, it was just an ordinary band that can be heard in busy places in different cities round the world. However, as you get closer to hear their music you see it is not quite so. The place is not a very busy one, nor is the orchestra ordinary. You realize that it is the good vibes between soul mates in one place.

The orchestra consists of an accordion, a bass and an Albanian national instrument cifteli. The accordion and bass players are part of the festival of the open-sky street theatre “Baskerfest”. Performers have come from all corners of the world, and the cifteli is played by a local musician that you can see on the streets of Skopje every day.

The orchestra without a name, captivates visitors of the old Turkish Bazaar. This atypical band’s music attracted attention from tourists and passers-by so we decided to enjoy it too.

Balkon3 camera was at the right place to capture those fun moments. Enjoy the photos!

Husamettin Gina

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