Guide to SKOPJE

A walk through the Ottoman heritage of Skopje

Last Sunday, the team of Balkon3 had a wonderful opportunity to take part in one really unusual and interesting event. That was the three-hour walk through the Ottoman heritage of Skopje which was organized  for all the interested volunteers by the archaeologist and tour guide Vasilka Dimitrovska who gave us all a free tour. Along with the sixty curious members of the group we visited four mosques built in the 15th century (Sultan Murad Mosque Gazi, Isa Beg Mosque, Ishak Beg (Aladja) mosque and Mustafa Pasha Mosque). Then the group  was presented with a lot of facts from the history of Skopje’s Fortress Kale, Kursumli An, Daut Pasha Hamam, Kapan An, Suli An and the  Bezisten in the Old Bazaar. At the end, everybody was happy with the revelation of the new  interesting things  about Skopje, but at the same time they were amazed at the fact how little did they know about the Ottoman heritage of the capital. In several days Balkon3 will provide the video presentation of the walk and for now just enjoy the photos that we have selected for you.

The Mustafa Pasha Mosque, built in the last decade of the 15th century by Mustafa Pasha is one of the most beautiful monuments constructed in Skopje during the Turkish rule

Vasilka Dimitrovska explains the history of Mustafa Pasa Mosque

The visitors heard a lot of interesting details about the Skopje’s Fortress Kale

Skopje Fortress, built in the sixth century during the impressive rise of the Byzantines is situated on the left bank of the river Vardar

Part of the walk was the Kapan An – once a shelter for the pass by merchants and travelers. Today it is a place where you can enjoy food, tea and narghile

Suli An was built in the 15th century and it got the name Suli which means “water” since the river Serava was near by. Today the Art Academy in Skopje is situated there

The walk was completed with the visit of the Skopje’s Bezisten (the old coverd market) – one of the most beautiful buildings in the Old Bazaar, which has tremendous cultural and historical value

In the Bezisten, the visitors had an opportunity to taste and freshen up with several types of ice tea

The impressions of the walk in front of the camera of Balcon 3

Mirko Trajanovski